MicroDTTect is the first completely closed system to collect, transport and process retrieved biomaterials and tissues to diagnose implant- and biofilm-related infections. MicroDTTect features a special design that allows to store and safely transport any biomaterial or tissue retrieved from a patient and a patented processing antibiofilm compound (dithithreitol, DTT), that allows to dislodge bacteria embedded in biofilms, without affecting their viability and coltural examination. The closed system provides a completely sterile transportation device, virtually reducing to zero the possibilities of sample contamination. The DTT antibiofilm compound allows to improve pathogen detection, thus increasing coltural examination sensitivity. MicroDTTect can be used to collect and process implants and tissues in orthopaedics and trauma, cardio-vascular surgery, neurosurgery, reconstructive and plastic surgery, urology, etc..



  • Cost Reduction: The accuracy of the diagnosis allows for cost reduction because each missed diagnosis costs 5-6 times more than the cost of the initial implant (*).
  • Performance Improvement: The device enables the collection, transport, and processing in a single solution, providing more accurate results because there is no risk of contamination of the explanted samples.
  • Usage Areas: Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Spinal Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Biopsies, etc.


  • Prevents Cross Contamination: protects the samples from any possible contamination at every step from collection to processing.
  • Highly Simplified Procedure for Extracting Suspected Infections: The surgeon places everything that is potentially infected inside the device (tissues, prostheses, valves, pacemakers, etc.)
  • Its dynamic design allows the collection of explants of various types/sizes thanks to three sizes of 50ml, 100ml, and 150ml.


  • Eliminates technician dependence compared to other existing procedures.
  • The closed system facilitates transport from the operating room to the laboratory, ensuring that the explanted materials have not been compromised or contaminated.
  • Reduced timing thanks to the fluidity of the procedure.
  • Possibility to process the sample within 24, 48, and 72 hours by applying the preservation protocols attached to the device without compromising the outcome.
  • The design of the final vial has been conceived in accordance with the needs of laboratory practices. It features a superior access for the withdrawal of the supernatant and a glass bead to facilitate the detachment of the pellet. This obtained pellet can be extracted through a Luer Lock access located at the bottom of the vial, using a syringe. This pellet will be used in the seeding protocols adopted by the facility. The eluate, which does not require centrifugation thanks to the protective sleeve, can be directly used to inoculate the blood culture bottles intended for both aerobes and anaerobes.


The DTT technology is recommended by the:


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